This summer, Vallejo Drive church spent a Sabbath being the hands and feet of Jesus in the community.

Preparation for the outreach began days before Sabbath. The church got together on Thursday and Friday to create care packages for those experiencing homelessness and to bake cookies for the local police officers and fire fighters.

On Sabbath morning, Pastor James Kyle preached a short message about reaching the community.

After the sermon, different groups of the church got together and hit the pavement heading out to four separate areas:

  1. Visiting local hospitals to minister to those who are hurting
  2. Giving care packages to those experiencing homelessness
  3. Giving cookies to the service men and women at the local police station and fire station
  4. Visiting the elderly at Scholl Canyon Retirement Estates At the last location, the Vallejo Drive Kids Connection department prepared songs and cards for the elderly.

At the end of the outreach day, the volunteers all met back at church to share testimonies of what every group experienced and how God led the groups as they shared Jesus’s love with others.

As Adventists, we often talk about God’s love, but living it out is something entirely different.

This quarterly event provides an opportunity to make God’s love tangible by meeting the felt needs in the community. Kids Connection has already committed to make this visit to Scholl Canyon a monthly event!