In Southern California, we have an opportunity for everyone to be a literature evangelist! Our goal is to have literature distributed throughout every square mile of the SCC territory and you can be involved. Look at the following opportunities and see how you can help us reach our goal of reaching our conference for Christ through the printed page. 

SCC Youth Rush



Youth Rush is a 10-week student literature evangelism program that takes place in the summer. Share your faith, experience God in a real way and earn money that can be matched for Adventist education!





GLOW is one of the easiest ways to incorporate literature evangelism into your everyday life! GLOW gives everyone the opportunity to be a literature evangelist ... anywhere. Below are the top ways you can use GLOW at your local church.

We team up with local congregations for a GLOW sermon and afternoon outreach! 

Local church trainings teach members how to utilize GLOW in their everyday life. 

Local community mission trip
Team up with literature ministries and host a mission trip in your backyard! 

Give resources and opportunities to your church to help them know how to share their faith.

Make friends
Build meaningful relationships while connecting with the community through Christ-centered literature! 

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Cross Training


CROSS Trainers are placed in churches to engage in and train church members. Their role is not only to reach out to the community, but also to train and inspire church members in ministry, while also encouraging their walk with God. Below is listed the general job description of a CROSS Trainer: 

  1. Find and facilitate the sharing of fresh testimonies demonstrating God at work in the community and in the lifestyle ministry of the members. 

  2. Attend CROSS Trainer leadership meetings organized by the Southern California Conference CROSS Trainer Coordinator. These meetings include time for testimonies, united prayer, progress reports, compiling data, brainstorming and troubleshooting. 

  3. Knock on doors each week in the local church community, developing interests (as much as possible, this should be done with members in training). 

  4. Keep an organized list of community contacts and make sure all interests are followed up in a timely manner. 

  5. Give Bible studies to local community interests. 

  6. Disciple a group of members through one-on-one and group evangelism training. 

  7. Provide support, encouragement and advice to the local church GLOW leader and, if needed, direct your church’s literature distribution. 

  8. Assist the Pastor with church-hosted bridge events in preparation for evangelistic series and/or reaping meetings. 

  9. Assist the Pastor in coordinating a low-cost, church-hosted evangelistic series, ideally during the months of February & March. 

  10. Assist members in nurturing new members and contacts through continued small group social activities, personal friendships, personal Bible studies and small group Bible studies. 

  11. Engage new members immediately by plugging them into ministry they are passionate about. 

  12. Work an average of 28 hours per week. 

If your church is interested in hiring a cross trainer, contact Marco Topete using the info below to start the conversation or ask any questions.

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