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White Memorial Adventurers Christmas Outreach

On Sabbath December 11, the White Memorial Adventurer club participated in a Christmas outreach to the residents of the Scholl Canyon Estates, a retirement facility located next to the Southern California Conference office. The Adventurers were dressed in their Adventurer uniforms, which were augmented with Christmas hats and other decorations. The Adventurers presented a musical program of Christmas carols and songs, which the residents enthusiastically joined in singing. The program also included a brief devotional message.

"The End of Blindness": Lives Forever Changed by One Doctor's Dedication

The End of Blindness” tells the true story of Samuel Bora, M.D., the only ophthalmologist for 3 million people in rural Ethiopia. With more than 4 million cases of visual impairment, Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of blindness in Africa. Performing up to 60 free cataract surgeries a day, Bora is committed to this incredible task. In the operating room, lives are forever changed— from children with traumatic cataracts to a blind mother who had never seen her son.

Tehachapi Church Celebrates Debt-Free Milestone

Last month, Tehachapi church celebrated a milestone that was more than 50 years in the making. In 1970, Sharron Bullard and her husband, Harold, moved to Tehachapi and began looking for an Adventist church in the area. To their surprise, the closest congregation was in Mojave. “We need a church in Tehachapi” was Sharron’s response to this discovery. So she began to pray, and soon others joined her prayers.