We gratefully announce the 100th birthday celebration (October 6, 2023) of Sam Renzi, retired former pastor in the Southern California Conference (SCC), where he and his late wife Ada Renzi served for more than 20 years (at eight churches in SCC) with devotion and distinction.

Renzi is known for his ongoing prayer life with Jesus and his distinctive sense of humor. In his own words, he opines the following: “I am 100 years old and still good-looking!” and before he preaches a sermon, he is known to have said: “I can't wait to hear what I am going to say!”

Renzi, throughout his 40 years of denominational service, worked in the following ministry areas in both the Eastern United States as well as finishing his tenure in the West in California. He served in various capacities: radio evangelist, academy teacher, conference educational superintendent, hospital chaplain, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Ada Renzi, his life partner, served as pastor’s wife, music teacher, and choral director. During their service, they proudly proclaimed the love of Jesus and the blessed hope we have in Jesus’ soon return.

In addition to his denominational service, Renzi served in the U.S. Military as a combat Army medic. He was awarded both the Bronze Star for bravery as well as the Purple Heart for being wounded stepping on a landmine while going into a mine field to rescue his injured buddies. During his combat service, he praised the Lord for His faithfulness to him in preserving his life from the many perils he faced as an Army medic.

He praises God for his many years of life and daily states, “I am grateful for every day where I can live to praise the Lord one more day,” “My goal is to outlive Methuselah!” and he jokingly states as someone has said, “I don’t know when the Lord may call me home, but when He calls, I just may not answer the phone!”

Renzi currently resides in Loma Linda and is anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus. Renzi is also the father of Diane Kiemeney (spouse of retired SCC L.A. Metro Region Director Gerard Kiemeney).