Ordained pastors lay hands on Baptiste and his wife as Cress offers the ordination prayer.
Ordained pastors lay hands on Baptiste and his wife as Cress offers the ordination prayer.

“My journey has not been a solitary one,” said Peter Baptiste, Norwalk church pastor, of his ministry journey thus far.

This sentiment was evident at his ordination service this fall by the outpouring of support from friends, family, colleagues in ministry, and members from current and past congregations to whom Baptiste has ministered.

“This is a monumental day, not just for Peter,” said Baptiste’s brother, Philip, as he welcomed attendees, “but for all of us who have journeyed with him and been a part of his incredible pilgrimage of faith.”

Southern California Conference L.A. Metro Region Director Danny Chan presented Baptiste for ordination, noting how his ministry has flourished throughout many years of experience. “Your evaluation came back with one of the highest marks we’ve seen,” Chan said, “which reflects the vitality and creativity you bring to ministry.”

Brett Poynter, Temple City church pastor, who most recently ministered with him at Temple City, welcomed Baptiste to the ministry. “I’m not here to welcome you to something new,” said Poynter, “but I am here to welcome you to the new era of your life, knowing that your friends, colleagues, and family completely believe in you. That you are fully committed to God’s calling. Never forget He’s with you always, and we will confidently walk along with you in the journey of ministry.”

In his response, Baptiste acknowledged how his heart was humbled and his spirit was deeply moved.

“This is not merely an affirmation of a personal journey for me but a testament to God’s enduring faithfulness in my life,” Baptiste said. “It’s His voice that’s called me and led me and His grace that has prepared me, molded me, and shaped me. I am merely a vessel in God’s hand, chosen to shepherd His people.”


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