Every five years, the Pathfinder Camporee is something all Pathfinders look forward to. But a big event requires big-time preparation, too. 

That’s why this spring the SCC Youth Ministries Department held a Pathfinder fair where 49 conference Pathfinder clubs came together for marching, drills, inspections, games, and more. The day started off with the marching parade and drum corps, followed by a presentation of all the clubs in attendance. 

Pathfinder clubs then got to showcase their creativity in the drilling and marching exhibition and the drilldown. There was plenty of time for games and lots of food. The event closed out with awards and certificates for the drills as well as recognition for the clubs who participated. Next up, the Pathfinder Camporee in Gillette, Wyoming! 

For camporee questions, contact the youth ministries department at (818) 546-8439.