On Saturday, February 18, 2023, the Pathfinder clubs of Southern California Conference (SCC) held their annual Pathfinder Convocation at White Memorial church with more than 1,000 pathfinders and staff in attendance.


The theme of the convocation was “I Will Go.” The convocation speaker was Sal Garcia, SCC youth ministries director. He challenged pathfinders to go with Jesus by choosing to serve Him with their life.


The convocation consisted of a beautiful praise team of high school students from San Gabriel Academy and Glendale Adventist Academy. For this momentous occasion, a Pathfinder choir was formed to help sing three special songs. It was directed by sister Lanis Miller and her son from Tamarind church. The program began with the entrance of the color guard and a drum core. The service represented the multicultural and multi-ethnic Pathfinder groups in SCC.


A special part of the convocation was a prayer in three languages: English, Spanish, and Tagalog.


After awards were given to the Pathfinder clubs of the year, pathfinders were invited to accept Jesus and be baptized in their local churches. Fifty-four pathfinders responded to the invitation to be baptized.


Many pathfinders and parents enjoyed this year’s convocation saying, “This year’s Pathfinder Convocation was different,” Abdiel T. Somoso, pathfinder counselor and staff member from Trinity company, said. “Today’s message was effective because it let all pathfinders decide to be baptized, though some are already baptized. It was a good program.”