Every year as local students are gearing up for the school year, North Hills church partners with Hope Through Housing to provide backpacks full of essential school supplies for students in the community.

2020 was a rough year, and young students didn’t have it easy. Returning to the classroom in 2021 was a bigger task than in previous years.

According to North Hills church Pastor Tim Cress, the church usually provides somewhere between 40-60 backpacks in the annual drive. But after COVID entered the equation, the need became greater. “With a greater need than in previous years, we decided to provide 100 backpacks this year,” Cress stated.

When the drive had concluded, the church raised nearly $2,700 and provided 110 backpacks filled with necessary school supplies for elementary, middle, and high school students. Hope Through Housing helped distribute the backpacks in three different areas to the kids who needed them.

“They still have needs,” Cress added, “but we were able to help 50 more kids than last year.”

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