This summer, the High Desert church celebrated a joyous reopening. But this was not only a reopening due to closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as many churches have recently experienced. This was part of the occasion, yes—but there was also a second reason to celebrate.

In November 2019, the community in Mojave, where the church is located, experienced a particularly harsh wind, rain, and snow storm that left the church facility significantly damaged.

The building, specifically in the fellowship hall, had flooded and the roof had collapsed in. With such extensive damage, the building was in no shape to host worship services.

Jose Gutierrez, pastor of the Lake of the Woods, High Desert, and Tehachapi churches, began his role in May of 2020. The church leadership prayed for God’s guidance in this large-scale project.

The grand reopening this summer was more than just a welcome back from the virtual pandemic worship experience. Although the repairs are not yet complete, the congregation has already hit the ground running to continue the work of ministry.