This March, Kathleen V. Diaz was voted in as the new treasurer/ CFO for the Southern California Conference (SCC).

Diaz joined SCC in March 2017 and has since served in the positions of accountant, chief accountant, and most recently, associate treasurer. God’s leading has been clear, and Diaz sees this position as a calling. “I heard God’s calling and have accepted the position to lead the SCC treasury department,” Diaz responded. “I am very honored to be able to continue using my skills and capabilities in the advancement of preaching the gospel to the whole world. This calling comes at a time our world is in crisis, but if we put ourselves in the hands of the Lord, He will provide for us. ‘We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us’ (Ellen G. White, God’s Remnant Church, p. 18).”

Diaz makes history as the first female to serve as SCC treasurer/CFO and the first female to serve as one of the conference executive officers. “For some years, at constituency sessions, delegates expressed the need to have a woman among the top leadership in this conference, followed by another statement highlighting the value of having a young adult in such groups as the executive officers,” Velino A. Salazar, SCC president, said following the vote.

“Therefore,” he continued, “by electing Diaz to take this position as conference treasurer, this conference is making history by having the first young adult among the top executive team in this conference. In the times we live in, we need to have the younger generation’s perspective among experienced leaders.”

Diaz joins current executive officers Salazar; James Kathleen V. Diaz Named Southern California Conference Treasurer/CFO G. Lee, executive vice president; and John H. Cress, executive secretary. Salazar and Lee have served as executive officers since 2003, with Cress joining SCC in 2016. “She will bring a different perspective to the group,” said Lee. “She is gifted and skilled in the area of finances. Her personal spiritual journey will add a special dimension that our officers’ group does not have. We welcome her input to our Administrative Committee. Our officers’ group is now complete.”

As treasurer, Diaz will be accountable for all monies the conference receives. “All our donors who faithfully contribute expect us to be good stewards,” Diaz shared. “More than a good steward, I want to be faithful, wise, and trustworthy. In my opinion, the most sacred source of income we have as an organization is tithe, and it is my commitment to give God the glory in adequately using these funds for the advancement of His mission.”

“I’ve been impressed with Kathleen’s technical skills as an accountant and associate treasurer, especially during the nine months that we were without a treasurer,” Cress continued. “She has stepped up, confidently grabbed hold of the challenge, and done everything that was required of her. Even more, I’ve been impressed with how Kathleen understands the treasurer job as a vital ministry. She has a passion for good stewardship, but also she realizes that a treasurer is the custodian of the funds of God’s church.”

“She realizes that the church exists to bring the world to Jesus,” Cress said of Diaz, “and I know she will manage our resources with excellence for this mission.”