The first weekend of September, Hispanic Youth Ministries held a camp for youth and young adults at Camp Cedar Falls where most of the Southern California Conference regions were represented. 

Throughout the weekend, Izraias Uribe, Eagle Rock church youth pastor, led all 310 attendees through a journey of studying and learning the importance of trusting scripture in this day and age of skepticism.

There were also many activities attendees could participate in, but what impacted many of the youth was the Saturday night service where they were able to open up, share their scars, and allow God to work in them through praise. Sunday was packed with sports tournaments: volleyball, soccer, and basketball. On Monday morning, 11 young adults decided to give their lives to Christ, and the camp opened up the pool for baptisms. 

The four-day camp was full of many blessings that the youth were able to take back down the mountain with them as they returned to their schools, work, and churches.