The Southern California Conference (SCC) held its Area testing for the Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) on Sabbath afternoon, February 6. 

The PBE is a Bible study program sponsored by the North American Division in which Pathfinders are tested on assigned books of the Bible. There are four levels of competition: Area, Conference, Union, and Division. 

This was the first time that SCC has participated in the PBE. Javier Elenes, a retired SCC pastor and member of the SCC Pathfinder coordinator’s team, served as the conference coordinator of the PBE. “We thank God for this opportunity our kids have to interact with each other in their endeavor to become better acquainted with God’s Holy Word,” Elenes said. 

A total of 10 clubs and 11 teams participated in the Area testing. Through several months of preparation, Pathfinders studied the books of Hebrews, James, and 1st and 2nd Peter. Held via Zoom, the test was 90 questions long. Each team had a maximum of six Pathfinders with one alternate and a scribe who would type their answers into the Nearpod platform. Teams were assigned to breakout rooms, with a monitor in each. 

Teams from Tamarind Avenue and Whittier churches both scored higher than 90% and are eligible to move on to the Conference testing. “The first round was exciting, nerve-racking, and draining because it was so long,” said Sydney Salelesi, Tamarind Pathfinder Club scribe, “but we persisted, and we ended up passing the first round. Praise God!” Gabriel Lopez, Whittier Pathfinder club member, added, “The Bible bowl was the first-ever Bible experience that was outside of just our Whittier church. I loved the experience, and I can’t wait for round two.” 

“We pray that the Pathfinder Bible Experience will not only help the Pathfinders acquire a deeper understanding of God’s Word,” said Elenes, “but that this understanding will also lead them to a closer and more personal experience with Jesus.”