Danny Castanaza’s journey to pastoral ministry wasn’t always a clear path. With a plan to attend college in Cerritos, a call from a friend the day before class was to start altered his course and set Castanaza on a path to Pacific Union College. 

“Danny, God came and interrupted your plans,” reflected Velino A. Salazar, SCC president. “When God interrupts, it’s because He has a project and a plan because God needs you.” Salazar spoke of the various methods God used to recruit Castanaza into His service: friends, family, colleagues from school, and one of his mentors. 

Every aspect of the service emphasized the family-centered nature of Castanaza’s ministry. Many of those individuals who were so influential in Castanaza’s journey were present in support of his ministry. From the clarity his parents brought to his calling, to the support of his wife, to the love from his church, Castanaza’s ministry has not been a one-man show. 

Manny Arteaga, pastor of the Kalēo church, welcomed Castanaza to ministry with an encouraging message. “Danny, those of us who know you recognize that God has given you a very important gift—you have the gift of discernment in a way that I’ve seen very little in the ministry,” Arteaga shared. “You have insights that many of us often miss. As you enter this new season of ministry, use your voice and tell us what God is telling you. We will be a better team for it.” 

While God changed his plans more than once, Castanaza is commited to follow where God leads, saying, “My intention is, ‘God, wherever and whatever You want.’” 

In his response, Castanaza shared how deeply grateful he is for the family, friends, colleagues, and more who have walked alongside him throughout his journey. Castanaza reflected: “When you’re a pastor, your family is your pastor.” 

To watch Danny Castanaza's ordination, click here.