Celeste Harrison began her journey in ministry as a Pathfinder director 20 years ago. The first time she heard God’s call was during a baptism of three Pathfinders; however, she felt neither ready for nor worthy of this call.

But God pursued her and continued to work on her until she finally stepped forward into her calling.

“I began to see that all of my life God has been leading me, teaching me, working with me, instilling things in me,” Harrison said, “even when I didn’t know it.”

At her ordination service this summer, this call was affirmed by all in attendance: members from Norwalk and South Bay churches, where Harrison previously served; members from Alhambra church, where she currently serves as pastor; plus family, friends, and colleagues from the Southern California Conference (SCC).

“God has been calling you for a long time,” Velino A. Salazar, SCC president, said in his homily. “God is the only one who is in the business of calling people. Our role is to send out workers into the harvest field.”

When Harrison received her new credentials, her excitement for this next step in her ministry was clear. In her response, she shared how she at first saw this ordination as a destination but soon realized that it’s just one step in her journey in ministry.

“I’m so incredibly blessed to have gone through all these things and to have learned so much along the way,” Harrison said, acknowledging how her life experiences have prepared her for pastoral ministry. “Journeying is how we build relationships. You guys are here with me today because we journeyed together.”


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