Growing up, Brian Campos didn’t think he would become a pastor. Looking back, he recognizes how God has purposefully placed people in his life to encourage him in his faith and his journey in ministry, leading to his ordination. 

Campos was baptized as a teenager, but in high school he became discouraged and worried about his future. It was then that his mentor, Hernan Granados, suggested he study theology at Pacific Union College. Campos believed he needed to go; however, he soon started to doubt his call. 

“In ministry, the moment you feel inadequate, that’s the moment when you are apt to ministry,” Velino A. Salazar, SCC president, shared, “because you are going to depend completely on God and not on your own abilities.” He shared how Moses and Isaiah both felt inadequate at first but learned how to rely on God. 

Campos’ community of friends, family, and church members were present to support him at his ordination. Pastor Daniel Castanaza shared a story of Campos’ commitment to follow where God leads. When Campos was asked to join Spanish American church during his first assignment at La Voz Sylmar church, Campos declined, saying, “I’m not done here yet.” His friends and family were confused by his decision. Castanaza told Campos he will make decisions that may seem odd to everyone else, but “you know that deep down God has called you to follow Him and His will in your life above what anyone else thinks. The only thing I ask of you is to stay true to that.” 

In his response, Campos was at a loss for words to express his gratitude to God and those who have uplifted him throughout his journey. “I’ve learned that when God calls,” said Campos, “one listens.” 

To watch Brian Campos' ordination, click here.