Here’s the thing about San Gabriel Academy (SGA)—we love our students! At the beginning of every year, SGA enjoys a social event called the GAP (Get Acquainted Party), hosted by the Student Association.

Distance learning did not stifle that event this year. In August, students had the opportunity to play online get-acquainted games via Zoom, followed by an in-person drive through (think Chick-fil-A). Almost 60 families came by (many with two or three students in the family) to pick up delicious pizza, mango and strawberry sorbet, boba, and water before driving to the next booth to have their picture taken and pick up their yearbooks that they were unable to get in June. 

At the last drive-up station, students were given water balloons to toss at Principal Paul Negrete, Vice Principal Andrew Carpenter, Coach Kevin McCloskey, and science teacher Aaron Hays, all of whom were sitting targets. 

We study hard, and we play hard...currently from a distance. We’re looking forward to a productive year!