Hi I’m Marco Topete, literature ministries coordinator at the Southern California Conference.

This year, we’ve been sharing our SCC mission, vision and values with you.

Today, I’m going to talk for a few minutes about one of our core values, Relationships & Team. This is the description: 

“We value relationships and are unapologetic in our love. We are committed to honoring each other’s gifts, talents, and strengths united together to accomplish Christ’s mission.” 

One of the last scenes of Jesus’ life before the crucifixion was that which Pilate inscribed on the cross: 


Inspiration tells us these words were directed by a higher power than Pilate or the Jews. These words were to shout to the thousands of visitors in Jerusalem that the man that hung on the cross was their long awaited King. It led countless people to investigate the Scriptures to see if this was so. 

The written work often travels where the spoken word cannot.

The written word often travels and goes where the spoken word cannot. And this is why literature ministries exists. It exists to place the written word in front of people who otherwise would not hear it, and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them to search the scriptures to see if it is so. 

People are reading more than ever today. They read the news, posts on social media, billboards on the way to work, or advertisements while waiting for the bus. Things that often lead to despair and not to peace. 

Our ministry exists to give you the tools to place in front of people things that will build them up, not tear them down. Words that will not only impact their day, but rather impact their life. 

Literature ministries functions in three ways: GLOW, Youth Rush, and Bible work. 

GLOW is a ministry that provides tracts in over 40 different relevant topics across several languages. They are small and inexpensive to give you the option to share them in everyday life and various situations. Whether you are at the grocery store or pumping gas, there’s never a bad time to be a witness

Youth rush is a 10-week summer program focused on training youth and young adults in door-to-door ministry. We cover many cities here in Southern California conference sharing the good news of Jesus in the form of books. Its a mission trip right in our backyard! 

Our Bible work program equips young adults to be soul winners in your congregation. They have experience in evangelism, training others, and giving Bible studies. They bring life wherever they go! 

Thank you for watching. We invite you to leave a comment down below on how you have used literature to be a witness and build relationships, give this video a like, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Please reach out so we could connect and explore how we can work together. We’ll see you in the next video! Let’s win souls for Jesus.