Hello family, I am Chris Jordan, your asset and risk management director here at the Southern California Conference.

I have been with SCC for almost a year. During that time, I have been exposed to the core values of the conference, and the one I want to talk to you about is stewardship.

Stewardship is really the concept of management. How do we manage the assets that God has given us?

One of my favorite parables is the parable Jesus told about the talents in Matthew 25, beginning at verse 14. It really gives us a clear understanding of how God values our management of His assets.  

You know the story. An owner gives the responsibility of the management of his assets to those who work for him, and he goes away on a trip. While he’s gone, his workers manage his valuables—two of them by investing, and one by burying his. The master returns, and the servant  with the most doubled his, and the one with the second most doubled his, but the one with the least buried his and presented the master with what he was given.

There’s so much in this parable, but there are two things I want to focus on. 

First, each of the servants were given a responsibility.

It says to us that each of us are given something to manage for the master. Each of us are given an asset to manage.

Second, God expects us to bring back to Him more than He gives us.

He expects us to maximize whatever He’s given us so that we can multiply the value and impact of His gifts.

So, as I approach the management of our churches, schools, and parsonages, it is with the intentional desire to maximize their value so that we can present to the Lord more than what He’s entrusted us with. So that we can support ministry for the Kingdom of God.

He expects us to maximize whatever He’s given us so that we can multiply the value and impact of His gifts.

And like me, you must apply the same principles to all that God has given you. Your time—manage it wisely. Your talents—manage your singing, your preaching, your praying, whatever your talents are, manage your gifts wisely. Your treasure—learn to manage your money wisely. Your temple—take care of your body; it is a gift from God. 

Be a good steward of what God trusts you with so that each one of us may be rewarded with life.

God bless you and me as we become the great managers God has called us to be. In the name of Jesus.