What has God done for you? Who has He been to you in moments of crisis, happiness or loss? How has He led in your life? The answers to these questions are worth sharing with others! Maybe you’ve heard others share their life testimonies, only to think that your own stories pale in comparison. Or perhaps you’ve done things you’re ashamed to even speak about. While a testimony is about you, it doesn’t need to magnify your weaknesses and struggles. Vulnerability is a powerful way to connect with others, but it’s not the focus of what you’re trying to share. The highlight of your story is what God has done for you and who He has been to you through your life experiences.

Recognizing God at Work

If sharing these kinds of testimonies doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re not alone. Sometimes it even takes time to learn to recognize them! Every testimony is different and unique. While searching for big things God has done in your life, remember to look for the little things that happen every day. Look for any answered prayer, any hope fulfilled or any little difficulty solved. God is in all those details and loves to lighten our load. These are things you can tell someone about! 

Not all testimonies end with an apparent positive outcome though. When everything seems to be going wrong, or the prayer isn’t being answered, look for the sustaining strength of God. Has a promise been impressed on your mind, or a friend come to help? Sometimes the testimony isn’t that we found what was lost, or that He provided the money we needed … sometimes it is simply that, when we crumbled beneath the weight of the struggle, we sensed that He was there, holding us, lifting us and helping us take the next step.

sharing With Others 

When is it a good time to share experiences like this? How can it naturally become a part of my life to share these testimonies? Practically speaking, here are some tips for easy ways to share one of your stories.

Share with your friends or family when you’re catching up on life. Your testimony of the week is news — and the best kind! In the natural flow of conversation, share what God has been doing in your life.
Look for opportunities to relate with others. In conversations with people, listen for parts of their story that you can relate with. Have you had a similar experience where God helped you? Listen to them well, and if the opportunity presents itself, share your experience.
Keep it short and sweet — especially If you’re sharing with someone who isn’t spiritually inclined. A simple, brief story can make a profound impact.
Take some time to reflect on your day or week. Jot down the ways you’ve seen God at work in your life (in the big and small things!). Doing this will make it easier to remember and think of the ways God is working in your life. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll have fresh in your mind a story of God’s goodness.