The Southern California Conference is represented in the following interfaith groups in the Greater Los Angeles area. These relationships play a key role in the religious liberty work of the church by raising awareness of Adventist beliefs and practices while sharing news of local and global Adventist work. Interfaith associations also help in building relationships that afford opportunities for the church to affirm and stand with other faith groups if they are targeted by hate groups and/or negative media. By the same token, other faith groups may have the opportunity to stand with Adventists in such times of need.

The Interreligious Council of Southern California (IRC) "is a unique model of interreligious cooperation and collaboration made possible by the rich and diverse population of the region."    

The Christian-Muslim Consultative Group (CMCG) has as its goal to "bring Christians and Muslims together, break down dehumanizing stereotypes, build loving and compassionate relationships and engage with one another about our beliefs and practice." CMCG's key tool for achieving this goal is Standing Together, a seven-lesson syllabus that is detailed on the website.

The Guibord Center - Turning Religion Inside Out seeks to bring people of all faiths together to challenge assumptions and affirm transforming faith. To accomplish its mission, the Center hosts classes in the various faith traditions for the general public. Titled The 101 Series, classes are scheduled on Sunday afternoons and listed on the website. Other events are scheduled periodically as well and all are invited to attend.


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