The Pacific Union Recorder is the monthly news magazine for the Pacific Union Conference. It includes articles, event announcements and other information prepared in the five Communication departments of the Pacific Union. It also has paid classified and display advertising that churches and individuals can arrange for. For details about the magazine and/or to view recent issues, visit

When sending news articles/stories, obituaries or calendar items about your church, email them to the SCC Office of Communication at Submitting your information in time to meet a particular deadline is helpful, but it does not guarantee publication in a particular issue. Arrange for classified or display ads directly with the Recorder office by calling (805) 413-7284.

Email articles and photos as attached JPGs to, and be sure to check out this guide to writing articles.

The Recorder requires photos that are 1.5 to 2 MB, usually taken by a digital camera or possibly a smartphone and emailed at “Actual Size.” Photos should show action related to the story/article. Shots of large crowds or audiences are not usually helpful.

Recorder subscription information

Every member of the Pacific Union receives the Pacific Union Recorder in the mail around the first of every month. To inquire about subscription or to request a mailing address change, please click here.