Employment Forms

This page contains the documents required for new employees or changes in employment. They are NOT PDF-fillable.


If an employee leaves employment, or has a change in hours or location, you will need only form 01.

If an employee is rehired (having been gone less than a year, you will need forms 01, 05, 06, 07 and 10.

If an employee only has a change in salary, you will need forms 01 and 06.


If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at (818) 546-8415 or hr@sccsda.org.


Please mail the ORIGINAL and completed forms to the conference office. DO NOT EMAIL the completed forms.


Thank you.



Please follow the directions for each document and submit them with this checklist. All forms must be completed in their entirety. Incomplete blanks must be explained to the examiner. All documents must be completed BEFORE the FIRST DAY OF WORK — even for substitute teachers. To ensure that your employee is paid in a timely  manner, the documents must be processed BEFORE the employee begins to work. Incomplete or incorrect forms will delay processing.  Allow a minimum of one week for processing. You always have the option to have your employee come to our office to complete the I-9.


00 - New Conference Hired Employee Checklist (to be completed by the supervisor)


01 - Employee ADD/CHANGE Request (to be completed by the supervisor)

       (EDUCATION EMPLOYEES: Use this ADD/CHANGE Request Form)


02 - Employment Application


03 - Membership Statement


04 - I-9 PDF  Form


        (See I-9 Instructions)


05 - 2018 W4 Withholding


06 - Wage Notice (Notice to Employee) (to be completed by the supervisor)


07 - Direct Deposit Authorization


08 - New Employee Information Sheet


09 - Background Check (NOT FOR EDUCATORS)


10 - Time report for hourly paid workers (due every pay period. Click here for Payroll Schedule.)


11 - Adventist Retirement Plan – Automatic Enrollment Plan Acknowledgment



When completed, FAX your forms to: 818-546-8475