The In Touch newsletter, published every other Tuesday (except during some holiday weeks). In Touch contains events, brief news and other items of interest to leaders and members of our churches and schools.

Please note that In Touch does not include promotion of events that are scheduled at 11 o'clock on Sabbaths. If the morning service is part of an all-day seminar or event, or a weekend event, please send the information about both the morning and afternoon/evening event and an "all day" announcement can be included, without detailing the morning event. In Touch readers can check the calendar on this site for details, call the church or check the church website. Church communication leaders can email In Touch items approved by their pastor or church Board by Thursday end of day the week before the publication date to: or

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The Pacific Union Recorder is the monthly news magazine for the Pacific Union Conference. It includes articles, event announcements and other information prepared in the five Communication Departments of the Pacific Union. It also has paid classified and display advertising that churches and individuals can arrange for. For details about the magazine and/or to view recent issues, visit

Recorder Copy Deadlines: When sending news articles/stories or calendar items about your church, email them to Communication Department (; Submitting your information in time to meet a particular deadline is helpful, but it does not guarantee publication in a particular issue because of stories that may have already come in, or special items that may need to be included. Arrange for classified or display ads directly with the Recorder office by calling (805) 413-7284.

Email articles and photos as attached JPGs to, or (even better!) query about an article before sending.

The Recorder requires photos that are 1.5 to 2 MB, usually taken by a digital camera or possibly a smartphone and emailed at “Actual Size.” Photos should show action related to the story/article. Shots of large crowds or audiences are not usually helpful.


The Keeping in Touch SCC newsletter is published bimonthly within the Pacific Union Recorder and sent to SCC members only. Articles and suggestions for articles for this may also be sent to the SCC Communication Department.

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