Risk Management

Welcome to the Southern California Conference Risk Management Department. This page is primarily for our pastors, local church risk management officers and volunteers. If you are just curious or have a specific concern, please feel free to browse and e-mail or call us if you have a question or concern.

In 2017, our primary focus was on the protection of our children. There are and will be guidelines, forms and policies to make our churches safer and more welcoming to our children and youth. 

Additional information will also be included to assist our local churches to prepare for emergencies, prevent losses and recover from losses.

We hope these resources will be useful to you in situations when you, or your organization, face risks. Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling us at (818) 546-8415 or emailing us at HR@sccsda.org

Authorizations for medical treatment for minors (for use when traveling without parents)

Auto Loss – Claim Form


Property & Casualty Claim Form

Short-Term Travel/Volunteer Labor Insurance-Visit the NAD Travel Hub

Request for Certificate of Insurance/Additional Insured

Buildings & Property Safety

Surviving an Active Shooter Situation, L.A. County Sheriff's Department

NAD Adventist Risk Management Property & Casualty Claim Forms